Green Tea - Green Tree

The main concept of the whole package is to reuse the tea bags and the tea pack in an eco-friendly way as much as possible. Each of the tea bags are designed with an option to be reused few times (mostly appeals to lightly flavoured tea lovers). One can hang the tea bag on the edge of the mug and avoid the tea label falling into it while pouring the water. After the tea is flavoured enough the tea bag can be easily squeezed by using the label and put aside.

Once all the tea bags have been used they could be placed on the bottom of the tea box, which now becomes a plant pot. With a handful of smooth soil placed over the tea bags one can plant the provided seeds. As known tea could be used as a very good fertilizer for home plants and it helps new plants to grow quicker. The potting mixture has to be fully damp; when seeds are first planted, they need an extra bit of water in order to start the germination process. The reusable package-pot is only good for several weeks until the seeds begin to push tiny sprouts through the soil and when they've sprouted the plant is ready to be transplanted for another life.
(In collaboration with Solina Sahli)